Rabies & Animal Control Program

Although rare and in most cases preventable, rabies still pose a risk to people, pets and wild animals. The California Rabies Prevention and Control Program requires vaccination and licensing of dogs. Vaccination of all cats is strongly advised.
Rabies is a viral disease associated with various animals, including cats. The Center for Disease Control reports that in the United States "The number of rabies cases reported in cats is routinely three to four times as that of rabies reported in cattle or dogs." In recent years, cats have become the most common domestic animal infected with rabies. This is becuase many cat owners do not vaccinate their cats before they are exposed to rabid wildlife outdoors. In 2004, 281 cats were reported having Rabies in the United States. Do your part, get your cat(s) vaccinated from rabies.
Don't wait until your dog(s) are lost, stolen or bite someone. Protect yourself and them from uneccessary costs and inconvenience. Modoc County ordiance requires you to license your dog(s) within 30 days of becoming a resident or acquiring a a dog or puppy over 4 months of age. Every dog owner is required to license their dog once a year. Also pet owners need to vaccinate their animals from rabies once every two years. Any dog in violation may be impounded, or as recommended by a veterinarian.
Licenses shall be obtained from the Environmental Health Department, by mail or during regular business hours, Monday - Thursday 7:00 am - 4:30 pm. No license shall be issued until a certification of vaccination for rabies, valid for the license year is presented. Environmental Health, shall keep a record of all licenses issued. With each dog license there shall be issued a durable metal tag with number, year issued and a reference to the Modoc County.

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