Information from Contractors State License Board

Owner/Builder Take Note!
A word of caution from the Contractors State License Board
Anyone who talks you into being your own general contractor, or "owner/builder" may be doing you no favor.
"Owner/builder" describes a situation in which the homeowner becomes the general contractor. As an owner/builder, you (not the person you hire) assume responsibility for the overall job.
Your responsibilities may include such things as state and federal taxes, workers' compensation insurance, and other legal liabilities. You may be required to hire various subcontractors for your project, scheduling their work and supervising the job. If a worker is injured while working on your property, you could be asked to pay for injuries and rehabilitation through your homeowners's insurance policy.
By signing a building permit application as an owner/builder, you assume full responsibility for all phases of your project and its intergrity.
Hiring an unlicensed "consultant" to manage the project does not save you money in the long run. By hiring a licensed experienced contractor for your project to hire licensed knowledgeable tradespersons, the contractor becomes responsible for all phases of construction.
Unless you are very experienced in construction, it is best to leave these matters to your licensed contractor.
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